Patriot League Academic Conference - Ethics Across the Curriculum

In November 2011, the College of the Holy Cross hosted the third annual Patriot League Academic Conference. The conference discussed Ethics across the Curriculum -  http://www.patriotleagueacademicnetwork.org/EthicsCurriculum

http://www.patriotleagueacademicnetwork.org/EthicsCurriculum     This is the second in a series of features on the Patriot League Academic Network that showcases the involvement with Patriot League institutions in various special projects. Below are seven interviews conducted at the Conference, in addition to articles related to Ethics Across the Curriculum.

The initial PLAN feature focused on the impact of Patriot League schools with the recovery efforts in Haiti following the 2010 earthquakes - http://www.patriotleagueacademicnetwork.org/haiti.

Interviews from Patriot League Academic Conference
November 4-5, 2011
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass.

Dr. Christine Copper, U.S. Naval Academy


Dr. Timothy Austin, College of the Holy Cross

Kendy Hess, Ph.D., College of the Holy Cross

Jeff Wilson, Ph.D., U.S. Military Academy

Dr. John F. Axleson, College of the Holy Cross


Dr. Lawrence Nelson, Santa Clara University

Carolyn Schlie Femovich, Patriot League


Video: Patriot League Academic Conference Explores Ethics Across the Curriculum

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